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As an activity provider, we were operating during summer 2020 under the Failte Ireland Covid-19 Safety Charter. We have a dedicated person responsible for implementing and operating a robust system in order to protect our staff and guests, and prevent the spread of COVID-19. This person is tasked with ensuring that COVID-19 measures are adhered to and he has completed the Safety Charter training through Failte Ireland (Certificate attached). In addition, our staff have been provided with COVID-19 induction training.


  • We will require all participants to have completed Covid-19 ‘Self Declaration and contact tracing form’ as 40well as parental/guardian consent forms where applicable.
  • In line with social distancing and hygiene guidelines, we have adapted, and are implementing, enhanced procedures in general cleaning and the cleaning of activity and safety equipment.
  • 15 persons in each activity group.
  • In as far as possible, we will have required sizes of wetsuits and other equipment prepared in advance.
  • Where close physical distancing is required i.e. checking harnesses, safety equipment etc, face coverings must be worn by our staff and guests.
  • Where applicable, equipment is sanitised after an activity.
  • Hand sanitiser is offered to guests before beginning an activity and hand sanitisers is widely available throughout the centre.
  • Tea and coffee facilities are restricted to one person at a time to ensure physical distancing and users of these facilities are required to sanitise equipment and supplies used.
  • Participants will be advised to stand 2 metres away from groups of people they do not share a house with or who do not ordinarily spend time in each other’s company. There will be signage advising of the spacing where applicable.
  • Numbers using the showers will be restricted at any one time and the doors to the shower rooms and toilets must be kept open at all times to minimise contact with door handles etc.