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Fun things for kids that parents can do too!

“Active families experience 48% stronger family togetherness than inactive families” — Family Togetherness Index (2018).

Over the past year you’ve probably spent A LOT of time together! Maybe you’ve been baking together, cycling, walking and, ahem, ‘home-schooling’? Kids love doing things with their parents (home-schooling perhaps NOT) and we have found here over the years that kids who have come to us on their school tour return with their families during the summer. Many of the parents tell us that their child has pestered them to come because they loved their school trip and want to share some of the activities with the whole family.

According to Dr Colman Noctor, child psychologist, “collective physical activities as a family create moments for shared experiences, which in turn positively contribute to togetherness”. Here are some ideas for Activities for families from Sport Ireland.

So, it’s looking like we’ll be hearing a lot about the ‘staycation’ again this year! Typically, we tend to feel like we haven’t had a proper holiday if we don’t go abroad but the ‘staycation’ is a great opportunity to discover what Ireland, as a holiday destination, has to offer. Failte Ireland is a great place to explore the many gems in our beautiful country.

Most of us have embraced the outdoors, in some way or another, over the past year. There’s a lot to be said for family fun together in the fresh air and hopefully, when strict restrictions are lifted, we can get to do just that. And you don’t have to travel too far too find some great activities to do. So, keep us in mind if you’re looking to jump into water, slide in mud, clamber up walls. 





Written by Lara McDonagh on .